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Silicon Valley Investors Club (SVIC)

  • Rewrite & write the copy for the entire website, course ads, and course workbooks.
  • Collaborate with site owner and web developer on brand and site flow, design, & overall feel.
  • Occasional help with minor graphics.

Laughing Beetle

Reverse Engineers Media

Provided copy for the following long-form lead magnet:

DMB Supply

Provided copy for DMB’s KN95 mask sales page:

Cali Must-Sees

Mock-up newsletter highlighting beautiful travel destinations in California.

Design, copy, and pictures by Stefanie Miller

I’m a Forever-Learner

There’s always room to learn and grow, so I take new courses as often as I can – they help you and me. Here are some of the more relevant courses I’ve taken recently.

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Stefanie wants to help businesses like yours grow by truly connecting with their audience.

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